Advanced Options of Raspberry Pi Imager

Published on: April 3, 2021

Welcome to the 24th Raspberry Pi tutorial! Last year, I talked a bit abut the Raspberry Pi Imager and how easy it made installing Raspberry Pi and going headless. Well now, they've outdone themselves and made it even easier!

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They now give you advanced options before you even write the image to your SD card and they allow you to configure items such as:

  • Set Hostname
  • Enable SSH!
    • Use Password or key authentication
  • Configure WiFI!
  • Set Locale Settings

You no longer have to create a wpa_supplicant.conf file or a generic ssh file in the boot directory of your SD Card. You can set this up all in one go. Makes going headless super duper easy!

Download Raspberry Pi Imager

Get the latest version of Raspberry Pi Imager here:

Booting your Pi with Raspberry Pi OS is easy. Once you install the Raspberry Pi Imager, run it, click on Choose OS, Pick "Raspberry Pi (other)" and select "Raspberry Pi OS Lite". This will install Pi without a desktop environment. 

Advanced Options Shortcut

To look at the advanced options, click CTRL+SHIFT+X. There's no button or right clicking to get to these settings.  It's kind of hidden. But just use this shortcut and open the menu below:

Advanced Options for Raspberry Pi Imager Advanced Options

Choose your settings, save, write to SD card, and...that's it! Turn on your Pi and if you set a unique hostname, you should be able to SSH into it directly without needing to do anything else. 


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