Canvas API Scripts:

Welcome to my list of Canvas Scripts! Here I demo scripts that I've written using Canvas APIs. You can read more about the Canvas APIs at the Canvas API Docs page.

You can also view their live APIs at the Canvas Live API site where you can test out Canvas API settings on the go without having to write any code. It's extremely useful if you know what you're doing. The output is always in JSON format. Not many people know how to read and write JSON. You can of course use my JSON to Table Converter to convert the JSON output into a readable table, but I've made it a little easier for certain Canvas APIs.

My scripts below will help you view some of the API results in a more usable format (usually outputted in a table). I only have a select few scripts. If you want me to create scripts based on other Canvas APIs, please contact me and let me know. If you want their codes, please visit my Github repository. Questions? Contact me today and ask!

All Canvas API Scripts Scripts: