Intro to the jQuery Library

Published on: January 7, 2018

Welcome to 2018 and welcome to the zeroth tutorial of the Easy jQuery series! This is a very simple video where I cover topics such as:

  • What is jQuery
  • What isn't jQuery
  • Basic jQuery Syntax (hint: $)
  • Implementing jQuery on your website
  • Other jQuery libraries available such as jQuery-UI and jQuery-Mobile
  • Editors you can use to follow along (JSFiddle will be used in this series!)
  • Help resources (W3Schools and

If you're wondering why this is tutorial number zero, it's because Arrays are supposed to be 0-indexed (I know some people don't always follow this) and since this is just an introductory video, thought I'd also start with zero!

Are you excited to learn jQuery? If you have any questions or concerns or comments, please scroll down to the comments section and let your mind speak! Hope you enjoy the tutorial series. 

Remember to checkout the Resources section below for associated downloadable content, JSFiddle links, and other resources. Watch the video and follow along!


There are currently no associated resources with this tutorial. Thanks for watching!