IF Statement in Excel

Published on: March 11, 2016

Welcome to the 25th Easy Excel tutorial. Today we cover the long awaited 'if' statement (also known as the IF function) in Excel. Many years ago I went over how the if statement works in C++, the logic in excel is very similar, the syntax is a little bit different.

In Excel, the if statement is defined as a function and returns one value if true and another if false. The previous three tutorials covered the AND, OR, and NOT functions which only returns a boolean, a true or false (or 0 or 1). But if statement lets you take the boolean result and output whatever you like, it removes all logic limitations the other three functions apply.

If statement can be nested. In programming terms, these are the "else if" statements. In front of you, I have a visual representation of what's happening in excel. If condition 1 is true, do something, else if condition 2 is true, do something else, and so on, until you hit the last "else" statement which is considered the default if everything else fails.

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