How to Create a Basic AJAX Request

Published on: May 14, 2017

Welcome to the 47th Easy JavaScript tutorial, part of I gave you a brief intro to what AJAX is and showed you a quick example at the end. Today we're going to cover one of those examples and create a very basic AJAX event on your webpage. Here you will click a button and using AJAX, your web page will update with content located in another file. 

One thing you will need to know is that you can only run this from a web server. You can't open the file directly on your browser and try it, it won't work. That's why I'm using brackets because it allows for a preview. 

To follow along this tutorial (and the next), go over to the following page and download the files.  You can view page source to get the HTML and JavaScript:

As mentioned in the presentation last week, you only need three main components for a successful AJAX request. They are:

    var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); //creates a new ajax request and assigns to variable xhr"METHOD","url",true); //opens the xhr request passing in three arguments: the method (get/post), url, and true/false for asynchronous/synchronous
    xhr.send(); // make the AJAX request

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Go to the following url to download the exercise files and follow along:

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