The Math Object

Published on: February 11, 2017

Hey there! Welcome to the 34th Easy JavaScript tutorial, part of Let's take a brief look at the Math object. 

Not too many people like math, but it's fundamental in programming, whether you use it in your code or not. JavaScript provides you with the Math object to make it easier. The Math object starts with the keyword Math, capital-M. 

The Math object comes with a few constants like Pi and E and a bunch of functions (aka methods) you can use on your numbers. Let's quickly go through them. 


Method/Constant Description
Math.PI constant, returns the value of pi
Math.E constant, returns the value of Eulers number
Math.ceil(num) function, returns number rounded up to the nearest integer
Math.floor(num) function, returns number rounded down to the nearest integer
Math.round(num) function, returns rounded number to closest integer
Math.abs(num) function, returns the aboslute value of a number
Math.pow(num,exponent) function, returns x to the y power (x^y)
Math.sqrt(num) function, returns square root of a number
Math.min(x,y,z) function, returns the lowest number in a set of arguments passed, no limit to the number of arguments
Math.max(x,y,z) function, returns the largest number in a set of arguments passed, no limit to the number of arguments
Math.random() function, returns a random value between 0 and 1

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