Simple Excel functions: AVG, MIN, MAX, & COUNT

Published on: May 18, 2014

Welcome to the fourth Easy Excel Tutorial. Today I introduce to you a few simple excel functions. Last time we went over Autosum, today we go over four other functions and formulas in excel including the Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Count Numbers.

The idea is to learn how to use them and once you learn to use one, you know how to use them all. Avg, Min, Max, and Count functions are four of the most commonly used functions in Excel aside from Autosum.

In this video, I also use Autofill, make sure to watch my second tutorial to familiarize yourself with Autofill: View Autofill Tutorial Here

Ask any questions if you have any. Thanks for watching!

Download the .XLSX file shown in the tutorial here: EP_simple_functions_tutorial.xlsx

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Download the associated Excel Spreadsheet here: Download