Canvas User Info API - Email Fetch

Published on: April 8, 2017

This tool uses a Canvas API call to fetch the primary/default email addresses of users from Canvas. Efetch v2.0 also allows you to get PersonIDs and Names of users. You can toggle them on and off. The search can be done by any identifiable information (e.g. Person ID, Email, Name). If multiple users exist with the same name, only the first name will be displayed! However, you will see a list of all users who returned multiple results at the bottom of the table. Please double check your input and try again.

You can easily copy/paste the results into a table in Excel. A future enhancement will include an export button!

This script utilizes the part of the User API along with the Get User Profile Canvas API for data. To use this script, input an API key generated using an Account Admin Role followed by your subdomain. For example, if your domain is "," just enter "school" in the domain field. 

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Canvas User Lookup - Email Fetch


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